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About Us

We work in the logistics field with assisting shippers and freight carriers. 

Extensive experience in tracking shipments, looking for new clients, answering to customer inquiries, delivering marketing material, and preparing financial reports.

Fair, honest and most importantly reliable.


A&R Logistics LLC is a home owned brokerage based in Colton, California. We provide customers with complete transportation of freight of all sizes, from one palette to a full truck. With more than 30 years of experience in trucking business we know the importance of safe, and on time delivery. There is no load we can't handle. 

We are proud to deliver an abundance of knowledge of all up-to-date laws and DOT regulations that affect the transportation industry to ensure the best quality of service with fair rates that follow industry standard. 


We make it a priority to ensure that all our customers get the set up and delivery they need

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Robert Beard

Operations Manager

783 Plumwood St 

Colton, CA 92324

24 Hr Dispatch and 24 Hr Load Tracking

Office: (909) 533-4661

Cell: (562) 320-3515

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